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Truffles Tips: Pairing Suggestions to Enjoy It

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Truffles Tips: Pairing Suggestions to Enjoy It
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If you’ve got a precious white truffle in your possession and you’re not an expert chef, here are five simple ways to enjoy this fine delicacy. Unlike black truffle, the sought-after white truffle should never be cooked. We won’t even mention here the pairing of truffle with fried egg: every foodie knows that it’s a mouth-watering classic...

On risotto, mixed with butter and Parmigiano cheese

As a condiment, mixed with a fat: it will keep for around a month and you can use it on pasta, rice or meats

On a plate of tagliolini pasta, with butter

On a good, rare steak

Sprinkled on a plate of corn polenta with taleggio-type cheese

On a boiled potato on which you’ve melted a knob of butter

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