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Truffle Beer Costs $120 Bottle

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Truffle Beer Costs $120 Bottle

If you’re looking to add an extra kick to your next serving of beer why not buy yourself a bottle of this truffle infused drink created by Moody Tongue Beers.

The shaved black truffle Pilsner costs $120 for a 22 ounce bottle and the creator Jared Rouben says he shaved every truffle by hand when brewing the drink.

The NY Post reports the beer has already been picked up by chef Thomas Keller at his Per Se restaurant in New York where it’s paired with a roasted bitter chocolate and truffle pudding with brioche cream, walnut floss and green almonds.

It seems the beer isn’t going to make it into your local bar as Rouben plans to sell it into a number of high end NYC restaurants.

The drink is brewed using black truffle from Australia where a man walking his dog recently discovered the largest ever black truffle found in the country.

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