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5 Traditional Easter Foods From Russia

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5 Traditional Easter Foods From Russia

Are you familiar with traditional Russian Easter food? Every Easter Russian Orthodox Christians prepare a feast worthy of royalty with elaborate dishes that look as good as they taste.

You'll find beautiful homemade bread, decadent desserts, and elegant main courses accompanied by seasonal side dishes - all symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.

Let's take a look at some traditional Russian Easter foods that you may want to incorporate into your own celebration. 

Russian Easter Food Recipes

Pashka Recipe

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Pashka is a pyramid-shaped creamy cheese dessert prepared with fresh cheese, eggs, almonds, raisins, and butter. 

Click here for an irresistible pashka recipe.



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Kulich, is a traditional Easter bread popular in Russia and Ukraine. It is a rich, fluffy bread made from a combination of eggs, yeast, sour cream and butter. It is topped with white icing and sprinkles and/or nuts and dried fruit.

Here is a must-try recipe.


Kulebiaka is a type of Russian Easter pie made with fish, mushrooms, and rice all wrapped up in puff pastry (similar to a Beef Wellington).

Alternate versions made with meat exist but fish is an Easter favorite.

Click here for this traditional Russian easter food recipe.

Colored Eggs

Eggs symbolize the resurrection of Christ and are a must at any Russian Easter celebration. Traditionally, they are dyed red using onion skins.

Here is an in-depth look at how Russian Easter eggs are prepared:

Horseradish and Beets


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Hren, a type of relish made from beets and horseradish, is another Russian Easter staple. It's a delicious condiment that enhances the flavor of meats. 

Try this easy recipe from Natasha's Kitchen.

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