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Infographic: Top Thanksgiving Food and Drinks

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Infographic: Top Thanksgiving Food and Drinks
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There's just something about Thanksgiving that makes you eat until you burst. The turkey, the pies, the casseroles, the's all amazing food and drinks that make Thanksgiving the best foodie holiday of the year.

What will most Americans be feasting on until their jeans feel tight? This infographic from Gourmandia offers a visual guide to the most popular Thanksgiving foods and drinks according to social media.

So far, turkey is the big winner with a whopping 36, 6844 mentions in social media last year. Other popular foods were pie, ham, mashed potatoes, apples, squash and marshmallows. 

The infographic also offers interesting data about the amount of food produced in the United States for the holiday. A total of 2.6 billion sweet potatoes were produced in the country last year. That's a lot of casserole and pie...

Top Thanksgiving Delightful Meals and Drinks
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