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Five Tips for a Great Fish and Chips

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Five Tips for a Great Fish and Chips

Local fish caught by inshore boats is better than trawler caught fish.
Not only is it a more sustainable way of eating fish, it’s fresher: inshore boats land their fish as soon as their caught, trawlers after two or three days.

Using beer instead of water for the batter mix makes it crispier.
The reason: beer contains carbon dioxide that creates bubbles when it hits the hot oil.

The frying oil needs to be hot (at least 130°C/266°F) for the Maillard reaction to take place, turning the batter a deep straw colour and giving it that yummy fried flavour. Although relatively uncommon now, the oil used for frying used to be beef fat.

One in four British potatoes end up as a chip. Floury potatoes, such as Maris Piper, are better for making chips than waxy ones which tend to come out greasy.
The marrowfat variety of pea is best when making mushy peas – and they’re even better when soaked overnight in water and bicarbonate of soda.

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