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10 Tips For Eating in Italy

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10 Tips For Eating in Italy
Photo Michiel Jelijs/Flickr

Italy is a great place to vacation but more often than not Americans will make a few faux pas when visiting the old country. Blogger Whitney Richelle knows that all too well, As an expat living in Florence, she's compiled a list of 10 Rules for Eating in Italy Without Scaring the Italians.

What would scare Italians? Try ordering eggs for breakfast for a cappucino after dinner. These two are cultural no-nos. Italians prefer coffee and a pastry in the morning and like to wait until lunch to consume eggs. Oh, and God forbid you actually order fettucine alfredo or spaghetti with meatballs when dining out. Those two dishes are an Italian American invention. 

So how should you act and eat in Italy? Here are Richelle's 10 tips but you can also check out these unspoken dining rituals in Tuscany. Buon appetito!

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