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Tipping Rules Explained in 41 Different Countries

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Tipping Rules Explained in 41 Different Countries
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We’ve looked at how much we should be tipping in the USA, now we look at where we should be tipping. As a general rule, tipping etiquette varies from country to country and knowing when, if or how much to tip is useful info to have. 

There's no two ways about it, tipping is confusing. A survey of 2000 British holiday makers found that 65% were confused about the rules of tipping when abroad, with 25% of people splashing their holiday cash uncessarily.

Have a look at the infographic below from Wego which groups countries depending on similar tipping etiquette. It soon becomes clear that there are no hard and fast rules accross the globe. 

Take Turkey for example, where tipping is compulsory (unless included in the bill), but tip in Argentina and you could be breaking the law. Equally, avoid tipping in Japan for risk of offending a nation. France, by contrast, have made things much simpler, avoiding any ambiguity, they include a service charge already in the bill. 

Some countries, like the USA, have a tipping culture across all services, in another handful of countries, including Austria and the Netherlands tipping is obligatory (if not included in the bill). Fortunately, most countries still stand by the old adage, that tipping is discretionary depending on customer satisfaction including the UK, Australia and Italy.

If you are heading overseas and want to arrive armed and ready to tip like a local, have a look at this detailed tipping etiquette guide. Or if you're already sat in that in that beachside restaurant, wondering what the etiquette when the bill lands on your table, there's a handy smartphone application, Global tipping, to help you out in 30 countries.

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