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7 Things To Cook With Bell Peppers

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7 Things To Cook With Bell Peppers
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When your local farmer's market brings an abundance of bell peppers into your life, use them to make these wonderful dishes. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C so they're a great way of boosting your immune system during flu season. 

Chicken and Rice with Red Peppers

Red bell peppers add a touch of color and flavor to this tasty chicken stir fry served over rice.

Beef Fajitas with Bell Peppers

You'll want to serve these smoky beef fajitas with fresh flour tortillas and plenty of sour cream.

Sweet Bell Peppers Stuffed with Rice

Enjoy a taste of Italy with this recipe featuring red bell peppers stuffed with a savoury filling.

Huevos Rancheros

This zesty Mexican dish is a great way of incorporating bell peppers into breakfast or brunch.

Vegetarian Couscous

Have only a few minutes to cook? Try making this veggie-filled recipe - it's ready in no time.

Fresh Tuna Sandwich with Peppers

You'll love this Italian sandwich made with grilled tuna and topped with roasted yellow bell pepper.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

This refreshing recipe is completely vegan and is laced with pine nuts, black olives, rice and tomatoes.

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