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The Wine Flavored Ice Cream

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The Wine Flavored Ice Cream

When the world brings sun, eat ice cream - if that's not a famous saying then it very well should be and with the sun now appearing throughout the world ice cream is being consumed by the gallon - and that's just at FDL HQ.

We've brought you news of snake venom ice cream, ice cream museums and some of the wackiest crazy flavors we can find but now a new type of ice cream has caught our eye and it's wine flavored.

Riesling, Raspberry Chardonnay, Peach White Zinfandel, Cherries Merlot, and Chocolate Cabernet are the five new wine flavors being launched by the Mercer’s Dairy company.

Launched originally in China the ice creams are now making their way to Canada, Japan and the Cayman Islands. The desserts apparently taste great and we can't wait to see what food they pair well with. 

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