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The Sriracha Lolly - Lick it at Your Own Risk

By FDL on

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The Sriracha Lolly - Lick it at Your Own Risk

The need to squeeze spice into almost every edible product seems to grow one again as yet another spicy food is launched.

Last month it was spicy vodka and now we have Sriracha flavored lollipops from the team over at Think Geek.

Described as a "ball of sweet roasted chile flavor' the lollipops can be bought individually for $2.99 or in packs of 4 for $9.99.  The packs come with a very hot label and a lick in moderation moderation warning.

Chili mixed with sweet ingredients can be great and it pairs incredibly well with chocolate but we're not sure we could handle the heat of a chili flavored lollipop at FDL HQ.

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