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The Spicy Thai Food Map

By FDL on

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The Spicy Thai Food Map

There's a certain kick given from spicy foods and Thai food is one of the cuisines that offers up a great variety of chili based fiery dishes.

From curries packed with fresh green chilies to spicy fish soups - Thai cuisine is known throughout the world for the spicy balance between sweet, sour and salt.

Food throughout the country varies widely and the heat level of each dish can change significantly - that's why this infographic from Exotissimo is so useful.

It offers a quick look at just a snap shot of some of the dishes available throughout the country with a rating on just how hot they are. From super spicy Tom Yam to Kaeng Massaman enjoy this spicy map of Thailand.


Via Exotissimo

  • Kapeng said on

    This is cute but deceptive because it is widely acknowledged that Southern Thai food is the most spicy of the four regions. See

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