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Is Mac and Cheese really the all American dish?

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Is Mac and Cheese really the all American dish?

Mac and cheese, 'buttery noodles bathed in rich strings of cheddar,' is the food dreams are made of. But who can claim responsibility for ultimate American comfort food dish that has been around some 500 years?

Whether it was the Italians or America's founding forefather there's no denying this is a dish with history and roots that has fed a nation through the good times and the bad.

From the great depression where mac and cheese was first industrialised and sold in boxes as a cheap family fare to today’s heady heights where the cheesy laden pasta appears on top restaurant menus adorned with bacon, truffle or lobster this is a dish with staying power.

Take a look at Epicurious's animated video, The Secret History of Mac & Cheese below and find out how the dish of cheesy goodness captured the imagination of a nation.


Feeling hungry after that? Here's  a recipe to make your very own mac n cheese.


via Epicurious

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