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Formula for The Perfect Pizza

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Formula for The Perfect Pizza

Pizza comes in many sizes and it's this that makes it so different every time you grab a slice, will it be thick and chewy, thin and crispy, large, small? It's for this reason that many of us have our favorite pizza style but also why we can sometimes feel let down when we try a new pizza place.

Wanting to apply some serious science to pizza and try to understand exactly what makes the perfect pizza Dr Eugenia Cheng from the University of Sheffield has created a mathematical formula for the perfect pizza size.

The equation looks at the overall pizza size, the thickness of the base and just how many toppings there are per bite.

Using the formula above in which D equals dough and t equals topping Cheng says: “a larger pizza must have a thinner crust to compensate for more spread out toppings, while a smaller pizza needs a thicker base.”

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