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Smart Box Stops Soggy Food Delivery

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Smart Box Stops Soggy Food Delivery

People go to great lengths to perfect the grilled cheese which is exactly why inventor and entrepreneur Johathan Kapalan has created a specific device to ensure delivery of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time. 

Kapalan made a killing from the sale of his world famous Flip camera invention, after the sale of his business he set about the entirely new challenge of opening the ultimate grilled cheese shops, The Melt, in California. However, Kapalan quickly encountered problems when delivering his superior sandwiches, after just 7 minutes out of the grill the cheese would start going cold, set and the gooey loveliness synonymous with melted cheese lost forever.

To try and fix the problem Kapalan looked to a team of consultants who work with NASA who helped him to develop The Smart Box - an apparently ‘game changing’ way of delivering food that ensures it stays fresh, warm and crispy for way longer than any regular delivery methods. 

The grilled sandwich rests inside a specially designed cardboard box fitted with holes to increase airflow. This carry-out tray sits inside the NASA designed Smart Box which is fitted with a fan, sensor and an aluminium mass which is heated before the food leaves the restaurant.

The Smart Box’s fan and sensor, which can tell if there’s too much moisture within the box, all work to ensure your food, in this case, grilled cheese sandwich, arrives in optimum condition. The pic below shows the first prototype of the box, what was essentially a cardboard box with a hairdryer fitted to the side.

At the moment the device is only available for deliveries at San Francisco Melt locations but Kapalan hopes to employ the technology at all his establishments across California, we’re pretty sure other companies will jump on the Smart Box bandwagon once customers start to demand delivery of nice crispy goods - Fast Company report that the creators have tested the device on burger and pizza and say it did an 'amazing job'. 


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