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The Diets of Champions

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The Diets of Champions

Athletes by definition consume more energy and therefore require more food. There’s always stories of some of the crazy diets that athletes undertake when they’re within their training regimes and this infographic from Decibel Nutrition lists some of the most famous ones.

The Diets of Champions chart looks at seven different athletes from the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, to the world’s fastest swimmer Michael Phelps.

What’s crazy to see is how some of them actually consume what would be considered as terrible diets. Usain Bolt’s section lists chicken nuggets and chips - a reference to the runner’s time during the Beijing Olympics where the runner says he was eating around 100 chicken nuggets a day because he didn’t like Chinese food.

Michel Phelps's crazy diet is listed and some of them are exactly what you would expect for a highly trained athlete with well though out and balanced daily intakes.

Take a look.



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