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The $6,000 Rolling Stones Whiskey

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The $6,000 Rolling Stones Whiskey

The Rolling Stones are this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first ever gig together as a band and with it comes all the products you would expect. Cds, DVDs, gigs and a whole array of merchandise and now a Japanese whiskey distillery has produced a limited edition Rolling Stones Whiskey.

Released on October 30th Suntory Liquors  will only produce 150 bottles of the whiskey which will cost over $6,000 for one.

The finished whiskey will be a blend of around 6 whiskeys each from a year that is significant to the band. A malt from 1962 to dignify the bands formation, one from 1972 when the banned released their exile album and two from 1990 when the band made their first trip to Japan.

It's a pricey blend of whiskeys but one that may be the perfect gift if you have a spare $6,000 and know a die hard Stones fan.

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