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The 25 Most Expensive Dishes

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The 25 Most Expensive Dishes

We’ve done a lot of info graphics lately on the world’s most expensive and most exclusive restaurants and now we have one that highlights 25 of The World’s Most Expensive meals - 25 single dishes, minus a few drinks, that come in with astronomical price tags.

It starts with a $100 hot dog and goes all the way up to nearly $35,000 for a chocolate pudding at the County House Hotel in the Lake District, UK, made with champagne, caviar, gold leaf and a diamond.

There’s lots of interesting dishes on the list. A haute ice cream sundae costing $and the world’s most expensive meat pie which rocks in at just over $14,000 for a whole pie - nearly $2,000 if you just fancy a quick slice.

Almost all the dishes are coated with the obligatory gold leaf and they’re so extravagantly over the top it’s strange to see so many of them in the same place. Minus the rather obvious spelling mistake in the title, it's a lot of fun. Enjoy. 






Via The Baltic Travel Company 

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