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How To Deep Fry A Turkey and Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner

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How To Deep Fry A Turkey and Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner
Photo Gunther Hagleitner/Flickr

Planning on deep frying a turkey this Thanksgiving? Then why not go all out and deep fry your entire holiday meal?

If you feel up for the challenge this infographic from Today will guide you step by step to preparing the most daring Thanksgiving dinner ever.

Love mashed potatoes? Turn them in deep-fried golden spheres. Green beans and stuffing? They get the deep-fried treatment too. Serving cranberry sauce? That gets fried too. Chocolate truffles and apple pie? They are on the list too!

If the thought of a completely deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner excites you then here are the recipes you'll need (then scroll down for the ultimate tutorial on deep frying a turkey):

How to deep fry your ENTIRE Thanksgiving dinner


Now that you've whet your appetite all that's left is mastering the bird. Just follow these tips from Food Network's Alton Brown and you'll be on your way to deep-fried turkey heaven:
Still hungry? Feast your eyes on these delicious Thanksgiving recipes perfect for entertaining.

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