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#happythanksgiving! Thanksgiving Ideas and Recipes in Hashtags

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#happythanksgiving! Thanksgiving Ideas and Recipes in Hashtags

Today, Thursday 26 November, America celebrates the most convivial at-home family holiday of the year: Thanksgiving Day, in remembrance of the Pilgrim Fathers who, on that same day almost 400 years ago (1621), gathered in thanksgiving following a successful harvest.

The domestic hearth continues to be the preferred location for this celebration, which means all hands down in the kitchen. Only to talk about it later, why not, in the way of photos and tweets on the social networks. You just have to see how many tags on this topic are circulating at the moment!

Getting warmed up for #thanksgiving on Instagram: in some homes, the evenings are spent turning out baked cakes and pies for the big day.

#turkey, #turkeydinner, #turkeyday

The protagonist of the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day: turkey! There are thousands of recipes to consult, from low calorie versions to the most elaborate.

And “the bird” continues to be the most tagged food on the social networks at the moment under #turkey, #turkeydinner, #turkeyday


The table is laid out with all the great traditional fare: roast turkey and potatoes, sauces, pumpkin pie and a fine glass of red wine.

In America and anywhere else in the world, where special holidays are celebrated with a truly gourmet meal. Enjoy and…. #happythanksgiving!

What about an alternative Thanksgiving dinner? Pizza, of course, topped with... pumpkin and turkey:


And if that isn’t odd enough, there are plenty more screwball ideas behind the tag #OddThanksgivingTraditions, take a look here:


Even a well-known TV channel has launched its Thanksgiving tag, #thanksgivingin5words: many people have responded on twitter starting from the NFL, the US professional football league – to recount what this holiday means to them in just five words.

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