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7 Thanksgiving Vegan Sides

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7 Thanksgiving Vegan Sides
Photo Helena Rizzo

Having a hard time finding vegan sides for your Thanksgiving feast? You won't now! Below you'll find seven amazing dishes that are 100 % vegan and would pair well with any of your holiday dishes. Whether you are into starchy vegetables or prefer a fresh salad, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Saffron Potato and Green Bean Salad

Known as the most expensive spice in the world, saffrons lends a festive yellow hue to this easy salad of potatoes and green beans.

Brazilian Root Salad

This colorful recipe from Brazilian chefs Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo features an interesting blend of cassava, sweet potatoes and beets.

Grilled Vegetables

Having a batch of grilled vegetables at your Thanksgiving table is an easy way to prepare a tasty vegan side dish all of your guests can enjoy.

Indian Lentils

Vegans will love this mildly spicy Indian lentil dish. It's packed with flavor and protein, making it an exceptional side dish to accompany with bread or rice.

Pickled Onions

These zesty onions are a great way to perk up your Thanksgiving feast. They pair well with just about anything and are super easy to make.

Fennel and Orange Salad

This refreshing vegan salad requires only a handful of ingredients. Be sure to make it ahead of time so the ingredients have time to marry and the fennel wilts.

Mixed Leaf Salad with Dates and Apples

An easy vegan side that can be prepared with any greens you have on hand. Dried dates and fresh apples add a very pleasant sweetness and crunch.

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