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Thanksgiving Leftovers: What To Freeze and What To Store

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: What To Freeze and What To Store

Every year you're faced with the same problem: trying to figure out the best way to store Thanksgiving leftovers. Let us come to the rescue.

Thanksgiving leftovers can be split into two categories: liquids and solids. Here we discuss the best way to store, freeze and reuse Thanksgiving leftovers. Let's get started!

How To Freeze Liquid Leftovers

Freezing liquid leftovers like cranberry sauce, turkey broth and gravy in ice trays is a great time saver.

This allows you to portion leftovers into ice cubes you can whip out at any given moment. Need a bit of cranberry sauce for a roasted pork loin? Done. Need some turkey broth for your pilaf? Done. 

You can use metal, plastic or silicone ice trays of any size - use whatever you have on hand to make things easier.

After your Thanksgiving leftovers are frozen pop them out and store in freezer bags. Label them and make sure to use within three months (broth can go up to six months).

How To Freeze Leftover Herbs

Have any leftover chopped herbs? Mix them with oil and pour into ice trays. Instant flavor booster!

What To Do With Leftover Thanksgiving Food 

We suggest turning Thanksgiving leftovers into delicious meals. For instance, leftover mashed potatoes can be transformed into tasty little croquettes like the ones pictured below.

Aside from the usual sandwiches, leftover Thanksgiving turkey would make an ideal stuffing for empanadas. Try this easy recipe and swap turkey for beef.

Got leftover green bean casserole? Add it to a Thai curry - the richness of the coconut will go nicely with the creamy mushroom sauce.

More Ideas for Storing Thanksgiving Leftovers

For helpful tips on storing solid holiday foods like macaroni salad, check out the handy advice in this infographic:


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Need more help for the holidays? You'll find plenty of tips and tricks in our collection of Thanksgiving Ideas.

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