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How to Cook The Greatest Thanksgiving Dinner Ever Made

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How to Cook The Greatest Thanksgiving Dinner Ever Made

If you’re looking for new Thanksgiving ideas and you really want to impress your guests, we suggest you get stuck into this Thanksgiving guide from our friends at ChefSteps.

It’s an extensive guide that walks you through the many steps of Thanksgiving dinner, from the preparation of the turkey, brining, carving, gravy, all the Thanksgiving sides and wonderful desserts. The great thing with the guide is just how in depth it goes, on top of a Turkey check list for the big day, it features recipes for every single dish and many include videos.

One of the most useful videos in the guide explains exactly how to butcher a turkey, this is needed because the team suggest cooking different parts of the meat in very different ways.

Once you have learned how to butcher your turkey you can move on to the next steps of preparing a roulade with the dark meat and cooking off your white meat in the oven.

The guide also features videos on how to make perfect turkey gravy and how to rustle up a lovely warm batch of corn bread. Trust us, if you want to totally blow away your guests this year, take a look at this guide for the Greatest Thanksgiving Ever.

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