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Spicy Tom Yum Soup Recipe From Thailand

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Spicy Tom Yum Soup Recipe From Thailand
Photo Nick Mote / Flickr

Soup goes hand in hand with rainy days. When the rain gets to be a bit much, escape into your kitchen to make this spicy Tom Yum soup recipe with king prawns and kaffir lime. A Thai favorite, tom yum will warm your belly and your soul.

In Thailand and its neighboring countries, Tom Yum is consumed throughout the year, especially during the monsoon season. The fragrant broth and kick of spice make this soup an all-time favorite. If you've been lucky enough to taste an original version in Thailand, you'll love this Tom Yum soup recipe.

Tom Yum losely translates into ''boiled salad'' because of the many vegetables that are incorporated into this hot and sour soup. This version also includes king prawns but you can tailor this Tom Yum soup recipe to suit your preferences, keeping it vegetarian or adding another type of protein.

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