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See the Tasting Menu at Possibly Japan’s Best Sushi Restaurant

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See the Tasting Menu at Possibly Japan’s Best Sushi Restaurant
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There are many sushi restaurants in Japan that could lay claim to the title of the country’s best – Sukiyabashi Jiro or Sushi Saito, both in Tokyo, spring to mind – but head south to the Fukuoka prefecture and you’ll find another contender, one where less is most definitely not more.

At the Tenzushi restaurant in Kokura, chef Isao Amano offers diners a wholly different sushi experience from the Edo-mae-style (raw fish and vingered rice). There Amano serves a Kyushu-mae-style of sushi, using rice wine instead of vinegar, and salt and citrus in place of soy, adding layers of flavour with additional toppings and even grilling and roasting certain ingredients.

As you can see from the video below from Simon and Martina, this means each bite is filled with an array of flavours, a world away from the clean simplicity of Edo-mae. Amano also starts, rather than finishes, each omakase (meaning 'chef's choice') meal with toro (fatty tuna).

Take a look below.

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