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Tempura Matsu Restaurant Serves Noodles in Stunning Ice Bowls

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Tempura Matsu Restaurant Serves Noodles in Stunning Ice Bowls
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Looking for new serving suggestions that'll wow your guests?

Check out these giant ice cubes that double up as serving bowls for noodles at the Tempura Matsu restaurant in Kyoto.

The unusual chilled summer dish is called "Inaniwa udon" and made from Japanese mugwort in a dashi broth, served with wasabi topped off with a raw quail egg yolk.

Served inside a scooped out pocket in a hefty block of clear ice not only does the choice serving receptacle look stunning, giving an unusual 360 degree view of the noodle dish inside, but there’s also a functional purpose. As the ice block melts extra liquid leaks into the noodles and broth adding another icy dimension to be enjoyed by the diner.

If you're looking for more unusual serving suggestions you can always try making edible flower ice bowls for summer soups and ice-cream.

Would you find your noodles as equally enticing served in one of these? Have a look at more of the restaurant's unusual serving dishes on their Instagram site.


* 毎朝手彫りで彫ってはるらしい 氷の器に入って出てきた〆は、 桜が練りこまれたもちもちのおうどん。 キンキンに冷えていて、 噛むほどに桜の香りがふわぁ〜🌸 満腹なはずのお腹につるつるはいりました。 嵐山に残った桜を見ながら、 史上最速でたいらげたご馳走。 美味しいものは、 ダッシュで食べても美味しいと知る2016春。 * #とはいえ今日の京都は激寒 #暴風 #看板飛びそう #愉快なメンバーと春の遠足 #わらび餅で窒息しそうになったのは初めて #はりきりやさん #天ぷら屋で天ぷらの写真みんな撮り忘れる #嵐山 #京都ランチ #桜 #お花見 #天ぷら松 #京都 #kyoto #japan #noodle #cherryblossom #うどん #氷 #天ぷら

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Here are some other amazing ideas for edible flower ice bowls - try decorating them with flowers frozen inside the ice.

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