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Have Your Very Own Tea Release

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Have Your Very Own Tea Release

Tea of a Kind is a new form of drink that uses hydrogen and pressurized caps to release flavors into water when people open a bottle for the first time.

The result is that as soon as a bottle is opened, there's a mini explosion of tea released which is then infused with the water in the bottle. It's a complicated method of bottling and involves a patented gadget but the results are certainly impressive.

It may seem a little over the top but the people behind the tea claim that it helps keep the anti oxidants within the tea fresh as they are not exposed to light, oxygen or water until the very last second.

The tea comes in three flavors - Peach and ginger black tea, citrus mint green tea and pomegranate white tea. Costing $30 for 12 bottles and described by one writer as giving off a 'synthetic sweetness' due to high stevia levels - these are certainly a novelty purchase rather than a new lifestyle drink.

You can watch the bottle in action below.

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