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A Guide to Sweet and Dry Wines

By FDL on

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A Guide to Sweet and Dry Wines

Do you really know the difference between sweet and dry wine? Could you confidently identify a bone dry glass and a very sweet one? What about off-dry or semi-sweet?

These info graphics from Wine Folly aims to help you identity one of the most distinguishing characteristics of any wine.

The two charts, one for red and one for white, with a breakdown of exact what kind of wines fall into each category. For example if your guests tells you they just love really dry white wine then an Italian Pinot Grigio is a good choice, a sweet red? Opt for Vin Santo Rosso.

Combine these sweet and dry guidelines with this beginner's wine guide and you’re half way to discovering your favourite grapes and varieties of wine - all you have to do now is try a few to make sure.



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