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8 Swedish Christmas Desserts Made for Festive Baking

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8 Swedish Christmas Desserts Made for Festive Baking

The Swedish kitchen and climate come into their own at Christmas time. As sub-zero temperatures turn outside into a winter wonderland, gently spiced baking and coffee entice weary revellers in from the cold for a slice of Swedish "lagom", contentment. This is a country that fittingly knows how to bake, boasting an impressive selection of Swedish Christmas desserts.

Here's a selection of Swedish influenced baked treats you could be cooking up this year.

Did we get them all? Let us know if you have any favourites we missed.

Swedish Christmas Desserts

1. Lussebullar/Lussekatter - Swedish Saffron Buns (above)

These saffron infused yellow sweet buns are a Swedish Christmas favourite and come into their own in the winter season. While they're traditionally made to celebrate Lucia day you’ll find them at adventskaffe (social gatherings to celebrate each Sunday of Advent).

2. Ris à lá malta - Rice Pudding

Typically it's made of chilled left-over rice pudding, whipped cream, sugar and vanilla, with or without almonds. The person finding a hidden almond in the dessert is expected to get married before next Christmas.

3. Fruktkaka - Fruit Cake

This crumbly fruitcake has a Swedish twist, making it much less than the American kind. Find the recipe at Saveur.

4. Rulltarta - Roll Sponge

Image: tidningenhembakat.se_ROGER OLSSON

These sponge cakes that are spread with cream or jam fillings and rolled into spirals. Here's the recipe.

5. Mandelmusslor - Almond Tartlets


Delicous tartlets consisting of an almond-pastry shell filled with whipped cream and garnished topped off with your favourite jam. Find the recipe at

6. Polkagriskola


For the sweet-toothed - try this peppermint candy-studded toffee. 

Try this recipe from Marcus Samuelsson.

7. Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

These popular pastries rolls were invented in Sweden - and while they're not just for Christmas - it's a great opportunity to practice your baking skills for the rest of the year.

8. Pepparkakor - Ginger Snaps

Wafer thin, spicy, clove-scented gingerbread cookies. Perfect for getting creative and making your own festive figures, and even decorating the Christmas tree.

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