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New To Sushi? The Infographic For Beginners

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New To Sushi? The Infographic For Beginners
Photo Selina/Flickr

Can't tell sushi from sashimi? There's no need to panic. Simply scroll down and check out this cool infograhic designed by the folks at Blu on The Avenue Restaurant in Winter Park, FL.

Created for sushi amateurs, the inforgrahpic takes you through the basic types of sushi and offers surprising tips for those who can't quite manage to use chopticks (hint: it's okay to eat with your hands).

In case you were wondering about the green and pink stuff on your sushi plate, you can rest assured you're being served wasabi (watch out, it's spicy!) and pickled ginger. 

The infographic even dwelves into the most popular sushi rolls so you won't feel lost when ordering. Once you've had your fill of sushi facts, catch up on the history of sushi and check out this adorable sushi-inspired soap set.

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