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Super Bowl Party Idea: Popcorn Bar

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Super Bowl Party Idea: Popcorn Bar
Photo Pen N' Paperflowers

If you want to score big during the Super Bowl, how about you feature a popcorn bar at your party? It's a brilliant idea for entertaining which is fun for adults and children.

We stumbled upon this awesome party idea at Pen N' Paperflowers blog. Setting up your popcorn bar is simple. You basically need a bunch of fresh popcorn, which you can display in baskets, and an array of sweet and savory toppings to sprinkle. You can have some cayenne pepper on hand, nuts, caramel or even some cinnamon sugar. The possibilities are endless.

The pictures below will guide you but feel free to let your imagination run wild. For more ideas on entertaining, check out these helpful tips.

Via Pen N'Paperflowers

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