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7 Dip Recipes You'll Want To Eat While Watching The Super Bowl

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7 Dip Recipes You'll Want To Eat While Watching The Super Bowl

When it comes to Super Bowl party food nothing beats creamy dips. They practically beg to be scooped up with a chip, cracker or celery stick (since you'll be serving wings anyhow). If you are looking for the ultimate dip recipes you'll enjoy these touchdown-worthy treats designed to feed a crowd. Eat up!

Super Bowl Dip Recipes: A Treat For Vegans

Not most people realize that guacamole is naturally vegan. Which makes the the ideal dip to serve at any party, especially the Super Bowl or any sporting event. We love this Mexican guacamole recipe and you'll like it too.

Tip: squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice over the guacamole to keep it from turning brown too quickly.

This vegan avocado dip with shallots, cayenne pepper, chives and cilantro is another tasty Super Bowl dip recipe on our radar. 

A Healthy Take on Super Bowl Dip Recipes

Fans of crostini will enjoy spreading this creamy fava bean dip over toasted bread or crackers. The dip recipe calls for a tasty blend of fava beans, Parmesan cheese, creme fraiche and herbs.

Learn how to make it.

Seven-layer bean dip is a very popular Super Bowl party recipe. This gluten-free version swaps sour cream for homemade cashew cream but still contains the classic ingredients: beans, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, olives and cheese (in this case, a dairy-free version).

However, if love blue cheese then try pairing it with avocados, shallots, lemon juice and nutmeg. It is excellent served with crispy Italian breadsticks known as grissini.

Try this Super Bowl dip recipe.

Buffalo Chicken: The Ultimate Super Bowl Dip

Some would say it's not a Super Bowl party until the Buffalo chicken dip is served. If you are a fan of this flavor combo (and who isn't?) then preparing this recipe is a must:


Spinach Dip Recipe in a Bread Bowl

The Super Bowl is certainly not the time to avoid carbs. With that in mind, you'll love this simple yet tasty recipe for a spinach dip from Laura Vitale. She includes cream cheese, onions, garlic and a nice dose of Parmesan cheese for extra flavor.
Here is how to make it:

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