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10 Summer Salad Recipes Full of Flavor, Texture and Crunch

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10 Summer Salad Recipes Full of Flavor, Texture and Crunch

Watermelon, glass noodles, mozzarella…what do these all have common? They make great ingredients for summer salads to take along on picnics, a beach outing or serve at a family barbecue.

We are madly in lust with the following summer salad recipes. The beautiful colors, wonderful flavors and pleasing textures always leave us wanting more. Just one bite and you'll love them too!

Summer Salad Recipes With Fruit

We begin our salad journey with watermelon. Yes, this fruit is a natural pairing for savory ingredients like daikon radish, lemon and thyme. Get the recipe now.

Another interesting combo is this watermelon, shrimp and mozzarella salad. A lemon dressing and a touch of basil balance out the intriguing mix of ingredients.

Grapes are a surprising yet tasty addition to this stellar potato salad containing goat cheese, red onion and fresh basil. 

Get the recipe now.

If you love the mix of sweet and savory flavors this next summer salad recipe is for you.

Mango and prosciutto are tossed with mixed greens and a chile-infused vinaigrette for extra kick. Try this vibrant summer salad.

Summer Salad Recipes With Noodles

This glass noodle and vegetable salad infused with lime and chili can be consumed at room temperature or chilled. 

Noodle lovers will also enjoy sinking their teeth into this delicate cucumber salad tossed with soba noodles and sesame seeds.

Find the recipe for this summer salad here.

Italian-Sytle Summer Salad Recipes

Tomato season practically demands you prepare this Italian salad of juicy tomatoes with Parmesan cheese, arugula and capers.

Let's not forget everyone's favorite Tuscan salad: panzanella. It's the perfect use for day-old bread.

Learn how to make panzanella.

Summer Salad Recipes: Quinoa & Co.

If you are always looking for new ways to prepare quinoa then you'll love this hearty salad made with brown quinoa, feta and edamame.

Here is the recipe.

Edamame is also used to prepare this Asian-style orzo salad tossed with chicken, slivered almonds and a zesty sesame-infused vinaigrette. 

Find this summer salad recipe here.

For more recipe ideas, head on over to our Recipes section where you'll find hundreds of dishes to inspire you.

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