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Summer Recipes: 5 Tasty Ways To Use Corn

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Summer Recipes: 5 Tasty Ways To Use Corn

Fresh corn is one of the highlights of summer - it's incredibly affordable, sweet and perfect for perking up countless recipes. Aside from grilling it or tossing it into a salad, there are so many ways to use sweet corn in the kitchen. Here are five easy corn recipes to inspire you in the kitchen:

1. Make Chicken-Based Corn Cakes

Move over crab cakes, these chicken and corn patties (pictured above) are a great summer treat. Mold, fry and serve with a chili-infuses sauce and a green salad for an easy weeknight dinner.

2. Whip Up Indonesian Corn Fritters

If you like to keep things spicy, do yourself a favor and prepare a batch of these irresistible corn fritters. Known as Perkedel Jagung in Indonesia, this crispy snacks are flavored with chilies, scallions and cilantro. 

3. Make A Comforting Corn Soup

When fresh corn isn't in season, you could easily substitute with the frozen or canned variety. Regardless, this creamy corn soup has loads of flavor thanks to  chilies, garlic and white wine.

4. Prepare L.A.-style Street Food

You'll never think of corn on the cob the same way after indulging in this upscale version of Los Angeles street food. Corn is served with a lime aioli, crispy pork belly and a pucker-worthy spicy sauce.

5. Cook Up A New Orleans Favorite

Use sweet corn to make a mouthwatering chicken gumbo inspired by the Big Easy. With beans, peppers and spices like cardamom,  this colorful dish is a party in your mouth.

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