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More Than Espresso: 23 Styles of Coffee Explained

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More Than Espresso: 23 Styles of Coffee Explained
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You might think of an espresso shot as a fairly simple things, one hit of coffee with a small amount of water - a quick, fast, hit of caffeine. However, if this is all you think of when you hear the word espresso then you've obviously never explored the many styles of coffee that all start with a simple espresso.

23 Different Styles of Coffee Explained

In this poster from Orbit Visual Graphic Design and the Pop Chart Lab, the Exceptional Expressions of Espresso, all 23 different styles of coffee are laid out and explained: here is the list, what's your favourite?

Espresso, doppio, ristretto, lungo, macchiato, café creme, café noisette, cortado, cappuccino, dry cappuccino, americano, affogato, breve, mocha breve, mocha, café con hielo, café bombon, con panna, flat white, black eye, latte, galao, double latte.

It's a 21st century guide to coffee with a really simple style for setting out how each type of brew is made. And if you still need some caffeine, don't miss the coffee-related contents featured on Fine Dining Lovers. Click on the image below to enlarge:

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    Amazing post, These are the best coffe types I ever seen, Now I want to try some of them.

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