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Street Food Around the World: 8 Guides to Street Eating

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Street Food Around the World: 8 Guides to Street Eating
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Street food is a great way to take the pulse of a country's local cuisine. Cooked hot and fresh, street side, this is where the defining characteristics of a nation's cuisine do the talking, whether its spice, deep fry, sweet fruit or just unctuous tasty food, you hope your first bite will leave an indelible mark on your culinary journey.

From the world's first Michelin–starred street stall in Singapore to interpretations of the beloved hot dog, the variety of street food around the world is vast, which is why we've put together a few handy starting guides that'll take you on a global tour, as you discover street food favourites, from Italy to Japan.

So before you pack your suitcase, here's some great food for thought...

How well do you know street food? Start by taking our street food quiz.

1. The History of Street Food

First things first ...  what actually is street food, where did our love of ready to eat fare begin? Evolving from rustic hand pushed carts to shiny modern food trucks, our love of street food supports an evolving market. Find out some interesting facts below to mull over next time you're chowing down on a dosa.

2. 20 Street Foods From Around the World

Street food varies from country to country – from Spain to Singapore, the treats on offer will excite and tempt. Take a look and see how many you're familiar with...

3. 34 Philippine Street Foods

A country with a great culinary tradition of tasty street food just waiting to be discovered, from skewered meats to exotic desserts, there is something for all.

4. Latin America Street Food

Latin America is a vast continent with a shared love of street food, of which the favourites vary from country to country. Find out more below.

5. 10 Italian Street Foods

Italy is home to many famous favourite street foods, from the golden deep fried rice balls, arancini, from Sicily, to the North West chickpea pancake, Farinata. See what other Italian street foods there are to enjoy.

6. Japanese Street Food

Japan's impressive culinary credentials go before it, with Tokyo boasting over 150 Michelin–starred restaurants. However, this is not at the expense of street food, which is taken equally seriously when it comes to the quality of the offering. Which ones have you tried?

7. 40 Hot Dog Styles from Around the World

What is considered a simple sausage inside a bread roll for some nations is almost unrecognisable to others. Take your pick from these 40 hot dog styles from around the world, from the sausage–styled octopus in Japan to the Korean corn dog.

8. 5 Turkish Street Foods

Visitors to Turkey will not be disappointed by the choice of fresh street food. From the iconic ring shaped 'simit' to 'tripe soup' – not for the faint-hearted, but guaranteed to clear up a hangover.

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