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20 Strange Foods Around The World

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20 Strange Foods Around The World

At FineDiningLovers we enjoy discovering the world one mouthful at a time – there’s nothing better than tasting some new delicacy in a foreign land.

But what about some of the truly strange foods on offer in other countries? This infographic from Sousvide Tools takes a look at 20 of the strangest foods in the world with a breakdown of what exactly each one is.

There’s A-Ping in Cambodia: a fried tarantula spider that’s served with a black pepper and lime dip; Hákarl from Iceland: fermented sleeper shark; and Khash from Turkey: boiled cows feet and heads.

Now it’s safe to say that’s what’s strange for one person is totally okay for another, but we do love a list of interesting foods that we’ve never tried before – makes the next holiday a lot more fun.

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