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What Is Stout Beer?

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What Is Stout Beer?

Are you curious about stout beer?  What is it? What does it taste like? Allow Fine Dining Lovers to give you the lowdown on this flavorful and aromatic beer that pairs beautifully with savory dishes and desserts.

What is a stout beer?

Stout beer is a dark beer made with roasted barley which results in a malty flavor with hints of chocolate. 

Common Stout Beers

Irish beer company Guinness is famous for its stout beer, a St. Patrick's Day favorite. Guinness is dark brown with a thick head of foam and notes of coffee and chocolate.

Here is a list of other common stout beer varietals:

  • chocolate stout (highly aromatic)
  • cream stout (off-dry flavor)
  • milk stout (made with lactose)
  • oyster stout (sweet flavor)
  • Imperial stout (a British varietal)
  • oatmeal stout (made with oats and sweet in flavor)
  • foreign extra stout (robust flavor)

In the United States, common stout beers include the Samuel Adams Imperial Stout, Smuttynose Imperial Stout, Sierra Nevada Stout and Beer for Breakfast Stout from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. 

Calories in Stout Beer

A 12 oz. bottle of Guinness stout beer contains 125 calories and 9.9g of carbs.

Stout beer recipes

Its characteristic sweetness makes stout beer a wonderful pairing for desserts. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by making a decadent chocolate stout cake. Click here for the recipe.

Stout beer is also a must-have ingredient in traditional Irish lamb stew. Find the recipe here.

Another great stout beer recipe idea is to make a reduction you can pair with desserts or steak. Simply place the stout beer in a heavy-bottomed stainless steel pot and cook until the liquid has reduced by 75% and the beer is thick and syrupy.

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