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How to Store Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

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How to Store Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese
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Here are some tips and suggestions for the best Italian cheese tasting.

Never serve Parmigiano cold (this applies to any cheese, including mozzarella). So avoid the refrigerator; the best storage place is still the dear old cellar, with its cool dark environment. If no cellar is available, just follow a few simple rules. 

Do not leave your Parmigiano in the transparent cling film in which it is generally sold. Any material used for refrigerator storage must allow the cheese to transpire in order to prevent the formation of mould. On the other hand, excessive transpiration (caused by using paper for example) will tend to make the cheese dry.

The ideal solution is to wrap the wedge in a damp hemp or cotton cloth and to place it in a well-aired storage pantry.

If you have to travel, or possess a quantity of cheese that exceeds your normal requirements, you may vacuum pack the wedges or grate a certain amount and freeze it. Rest assured that when thawed out, its taste will be practically unaltered. 

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