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9 Ingredients to Soothe Chilli Burn

By FDL on

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9 Ingredients to Soothe Chilli Burn

Ever been hit by extreme spice? You know the kind if you have. That burn, the intense heat given off from Chili - you have no idea what it rates on the Scoville metre, you couldn't care less, you just want it to stop. 

Here's how chili heat actually works: 

If and more likely, when you come across this type of heat invading your tongue, you'll realise the desperation, how just about anything someone tells you will cool the burn is quickly guzzled down. 

Milk is the classic liquid given to chill down chili but there are many different drinks you can go for to help you out. This infographic from Greatist offers up some simple tips on what drinks to go for when trying to dampen the flames inside your mouth and, perhaps more importantly, which ones to avoid. 




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