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Squid Recipes: 10 Tempting Ways of Cooking with Squid

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Squid Recipes:  10 Tempting Ways of Cooking with Squid

You may be familiar with deep fried or grilled squid when you dine out, or even from summer holidays. But have you missed out on the merits of cooking squid in squid recipes at home?

If you have, you’ve been missing a trick. Squid is inexpensive, low fat, versatile and both easy and quick to cook. And above all, it’s delicious and delicate.

Discover: 6 ways of cooking with squid ink

Squid also comes with green credentials and is considered a good alternative to many other groups of seafood which are dwindling, even being dubbed the 'chicken' of the sea.

Fresh squid is easy to clean with this simple guide and then you can get cooking with any number of squid recipes, from a simple pan-fried squid and chilli beans to chef-inspired recipes like squid sashimi.

Here’s everything you need to know about cooking squid.

Squid Recipes

Calamarata Pasta dei Campi, Squid, Cave Cheese and Sweetbreads 

Try this exclusive pasta and squid recipe courtesy of the Best Female Chef in the World in 2017, Ana Ros. Find the recipe here.

Stuffed Calamari

Try stuffed calamari in this recipe courtesy of chef Carles Gaig. Find the recipe here.

Squid Risotto with Plankton

Try cooking with squid in this recipe courtesy of the chef of the sea - Angel Leon. Find the wonderful squid risotto recipe here.

Japanese Sea Food Stew

Squid is equally delicious cooked into a warming stew. Find the recipe for a comforting bowl of Japanese seafood stew here.

Pan Fried Squid with Chilli Beans

Plump Borlotti beans are paired with spicy rocket and pan-fried squid laced with garlic and anchovies in this gutsy starter. Find the must-have appetizer recipe here.

Squid hot dog with Mustard, Raspberry and Ginger Sauce

A seafood recipe for a delicious squid hot dog by the famous Italian chef Moreno Cedroni. Find his recipe here.

Squid Stuffed with Vicentina Salted Cod with Potato Cream and Black Rice 'Sails' 

Squid stuffed with salt cod, served with black rice and potato cream, an Italian fish recipe by Chef Angelo Gangemi from Don Carlos restaurant in Milan. Find the recipe here.

Squid Sashimi with Avocado, Black Garlic and Grilled Vegetable Vinaigrette 

If you have super fresh squid why not enjoy it uncooked. Find out how to make sashimi with squid and avocado, a unique appetizer recipe by the famous chef Roland Trettl. 

Pasta With Squid Ink

Alternatively, try cooking with squid ink and turning it into squid ink pasta - a traditional food from Southern Italy. It's easy to cook and equally striking. Find the recipe here.


Or try this exquisite homemade ravioli served with pea puree, squid and quenelles, from Chef Gennaro Esposito on the Amalfi Coast. Find the ravioli recipe here.


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