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5 Spicy Chicken Recipes For A Fabulous Dinner

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5 Spicy Chicken Recipes For A Fabulous Dinner

If you graviate towards food with a fiery kick will love these spicy chicken recipes. They are wonderful options for dinner, especially if you are entertaining friends or family, and make great leftovers everyone in the office will envy once they catch a whiff of your reheated lunch.

Indian and Thai spices are what give these chicken recipes their unique flavor. Some are stewed while others are grilled but all are delicious.  Suitable accompaniments include basmati or jasmine rice, fluffy quinoa and your favorite flatbread

Ready to try some spicy chicken recipes? Let get started!

5 Spicy Chicken Recipes For Dinner

Yellow Chicken Curry with Thai Basil

This coconut-laced chicken curry is silky and irresistible. Lemongrass and Thai basil add a wonderful aroma to this delicious spicy chicken recipe that is great paired with rice.

Learn how to make it.

Chicken Tikka Masala

This famous Indian dish is thick, rich and creamy. It makes a great comfort food for spice lovers and the spice-laden tomato sauce is simply addictive.

Get this spicy chicken recipe here.

Green Chicken Curry

Coconut milk gives this spicy chicken recipe a luscious texture. The scent of kaffir lime and Thai spices makes this a very seductive dish.

Click here for this spicy chicken recipe.

 Chicken Korma

Ginger, onions and garlic give this Indian dish an irresistible aroma. You'll enjoy it's creamy sauce thickened with yogurt and almonds.

Get this spicy chicken recipe now.

Spicy Grilled Chicken in Lemon Leaves

If you've never cooked with lemon leaves this recipe is the perfect excuse to visit your local Asian grocery store. You'll love the creative cooking method and the ginger-garlic-chili combo used to season the chicken.

Learn how to make it.

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