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36 Cuisines Using Just 3 Ingredients

By FDL on

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36 Cuisines Using Just 3 Ingredients

When it comes to cooking cuisine from a different country, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way, which is why this infographic, produced by Kit Stone,  that offers up three staple spices from cuisines around the world is so handy.

Ok, three spices isn’t going to teach you to cook dishes from another part of the world but it will help you stay within a certain foundation, especially if you like to improvise without a recipe when cooking - a sort of freeform jazz kitchen style.

Hawaii, Yucatan, Yemen, West Africa, Morocco and beyond. There’s 36 different countries in total and you’ll be surprised at just how similar, and just how different, some of them can be when placed side by side.

If you want to get creative in the kitchen without recipes why not print this, hang it on the fridge and use it the next time you fancy rustling up a dish with a normandy feel.


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  • LittleMato said on

    Well sorry but this is absolutely not correct, at least for France. In France (by far) the most used herb is the Thyme and not at all the Basil. The classic bouquet garni which is present in almost all classical french recipes contains garlic, thyme, parsley, black pepper and bay leaf.
    I am sure that statistically (by usage) basil will come 6th or even 7th after onion/echalote, thyme, garlic, parsley, black pepper, wine, and probably even after the butter and rosemary ;)
    As for Spain I would say Paprika or Chilly, and also tomatoes are an important part of the culture.
    Anyway, it is not easy to simplify cooking, especially in France, Spain and Italy... I am not an expert on the other countries, but they may need a correction too ;)

  • satureja said on

    norther&easter europe - chili? anyway, it is kind of big area, it is more divided, believe me ;)

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