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4 Simple Steps to Spatchcock a Chicken

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4 Simple Steps to Spatchcock a Chicken

'Spatchcock' is literally the term given to the process of removing the backbone of a bird before cooking, usually by grilling or on the BBQ. Removing the backbone of a chicken, or other bird, is a great way of speeding up the whole cooking process  without drying out the meat.

Learning the basic technique to spatchcocking your own chicken gives you more culinary freedom on the grill by reducing cooking time you can also have more fun making your own marinades and other succulent side dishes.

To spatchock a chicken is very simple 4 step technique with a minimum of equipment. You will need a chopping board, a pair of poultry or heavy duty scissors and two skewers.

How to spatchcock a chicken:

Step 1

Place a whole chicken breast side down on a chopping board (with the cavity facing upwards) and the legs towards you.

Step 2

Using poultry or sturdy scissors cut down each side of the backbone, cutting through the ribs as you go, and remove.

Step 3

Turn the chicken over breast side up and flatten out the carcass with the heel of your hand. Try to make the meat one thickness.

Step 4

Insert metal skewers diagonally through the breast and thight meat to secure the bird and keep the legs flat.

And you're all set for cooking! Easy.

This video show you how it's done in next to no time:

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