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Spanish Appetisers: 9 Must try Tapas

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Spanish Appetisers: 9 Must try Tapas

Spain is a food lovers paradise, not simply for the variety of fresh produce and the multitude of Michelin starred restaurants, but also the sociable style of eating.

When it comes to Spanish appetisers, Spain is the master, with Spanish tapas being famous worldwide.

The wonderful collection of small portions of tasty morsels to pick and share with friends and family before sitting down to eat is a feature of the Spanish kitchen.

Spanish tapas need little introduction than to say, once you've tried the best pinchos bars in food mecca San Sebastian or rubbed shoulders with the locals at the best tapas bars in Alicante you'll be a fan for life.

If you want to re-create those flavours at home, or event elect your own tapas night, here are some of the most popular tapas dishes, from vegetarian to fresh seafood and classics. And while you're cooking on a theme, why not try some Spanish desserts as well.

Spanish Tapas

Buoquerones Fritos (Above)

These light and tasty deep-fried anchovies tend to disappear the moment they are put down piping hot and fresh from the fryer. They can be eaten in one, as the bones are so small. Try making them at home with this easy recipe.



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These bite-size blistered small green peppers fried in olive oil and scattered with rock salt are irresistable vegetable choice. Find the recipe here.


Tortilla Española

Beloved Spanish tortilla is the cornerstone of tapas time. Unctious pieces of waxy potato set and sliced like a cake. Find the spanish tortilla recipe here.

Gambas al ajillo


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Plump juicy prawns in a rich garlicky and melted butter sauce make this a tapas essential. Find the simple yet delicious recipe here.

Boquerones en vinagre


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These succulent anchovy fillets are marinated in vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and olive oil, and seasoned with garlic and parsley for a healthier choice with plenty of flavour.

Croquetas de jamon

Eat these delicious finger foods hot from the fryer, with a melt in the mouth cente and an umami kick from the ham .Find the recipe here.


Small individual pockets of deep-fried deliciousness. Find a delicious vegetarian empanadillas here.

Patatas bravas

A stalwart of tapas dishes is the ever popular patatas bravas - Small cubes of crisp potato in a smokey and spicy tomato sauce. Who can resist? Discover how to make patatas bravas in our recipe.


Pulpo a la Gallega


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This traditional octopus dish from Galicia, is a stalwart of the tapas bar. Boiled pieces of octopus pieces are given a good scattering of paprika giving the octopus pieces a distinct rusty colour and a really savoury taste. Find the perfect recipe here.

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