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Enjoy This Spain Wine Region Map

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Enjoy This Spain Wine Region Map

Did you know that Spain has the most vineyard space in the world, over 10,000 square km according to the infographic at the bottom of this page from Food and Wine? (France is still the largest wine producer by volume).

With that in mind here's a great Spain wine region map from Wine Folly, to file alongside their popular and detailed guide to the wine regions of Italy.

The map below details the main grape varieties (there are over 200 in total) across mainland Spain and the Canary Islands. So whether it's cava in Catalonia or sherry in Andalucia, this authoritative guide will show you exactly where that delicious drop you enjoy originated from.

You may also be interested in this video detailing the history of Rioja, the famous wine producing region in northern Spain; plus, find out what went down at the recent Gastronomika 2016 congress in San Sebastian, where, of course, you'll find the three Michelin starred family run restaurant Anzak, helmed by chef Elena Arzak  read our interview with Arzak, one of the Seven Sages at S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016, here.

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Spain Wine Region Map

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