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Southern Foods, The Infographic

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Southern Foods, The Infographic
Photo Avlxyz/Flickr

Are you fan of cornbread, fried chicken and collard greens? Then this infographic will take you to Southern comfort food heaven.

On the flipside, if you are not too familiar with soul food then allow this cheeky visual guide to break down the basics of Southern cuisine for you.

For starters, you'll learn that a typical meal in the South consists of an animal protein, such as barbecued pork or fried chicken, and three side dishes - which could be anything from macaroni and cheese to fried okra and biscuits. Are you hungry yet?

The infographic also offers a few historical facts. For instance, did you know the first soul food cookbook was published in 1881? It was called What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking. It was written by Abby Fisher, as slaves were not allowed to read or write.

If you get hungry after reading the infographic below, head to our Recipes section where you'll find hundreds of dishes to satisfy your cravings.

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