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Cook Smoky Sous Vide Ribs

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Cook Smoky Sous Vide Ribs
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Those guys at ChefSteps are at it again. Not content with building an indoor meat roasting pit, or introducing us, controversially, to the joys of sous vide bacon, they’ve now come up with a way to cook smoky sous vide ribs at home, with no need for a smoker.

They love to sous vide over at ChefSteps and we hope it’s not entirely down to their desire to push their own water bath product.


Apparently, in order to produce smoky sous vide ribs at home it’s all about the marinades and rubs, as with any BBQ, while also timing the water bath cooking just right, before finishing the ribs in the oven to get the perfect crust.

While many BBQ chefs and fans would, in no uncertain terms, tell you where to stick your ribs sous vide, we have to admit, these sous vide ribs look damn tasty and succulent.

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Definitely something to chew on.

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