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5 sous vide recipes: an easy guide to mastering molecular cuisine

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5 sous vide recipes: an easy guide to mastering molecular cuisine
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If learning more about molecular gastronomy was one of your New Year's resolutions, we've got a great collection of sous vide recipes for you to try. Cooking sous vide involves vacuum sealing food and cooking it at a consistent low temperature in a water bath. It's a very straight-forward technique that has soared in recent years because it yield tender, juicy meat.

What's great about sous vide is that the technique can be applied to practically anything - protein, vegetables and even dessert. Below you'll find five great sous vide recipes to get you started.

To learn more about sous vide, check out this great tutorial on how to make caramel sauce from writer Amy Watson who spent a week at the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab in Washington. You can also find a wealth of information by visiting Chefsteps.

Take a look to the five sous vide recipes we've chosen for you.

Sous Vide Recipes: Medium-Rare Duck Breast and Thigh

Melt-in-your-mouth duck breast and thigh are prepared with sprouts, red beets and "interestingly sour" potatoes in this recipe from Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli.

Read the full Medium-Rare Duck Breast and Thigh recipe

Sous Vide Recipes: Italian-Style Sous Vide Pigeon

Cauliflower, beetroot and grappa come together in this stunning recipe from Italian chef Alfio Ghezzi who was inspired Nespresso Lungo Forte coffee blend.

Read the full recipe of Italian-style Sous Vide Pigeon

Sous Vide Recipes: Sous Vide Lamb Loin

Lamb loin is cooked delicately then wrapped in bread and seared in this intriguing recipe from Italian chef Andrea Aprea, chef at Vun/Park Hyatt restaurant in Milan.

Read the full Sous Vide Lamb Loin recipe

Sous Vide Recipes: Sous Vide Wild Duck

This unusual recipe called for tender wild duck paired with 'burnt' week. It's a creative recipe developed by chefs Josh Pollen and Mike Knowlden.

Read the full recipe for Sous Vide Wild Duck

Sous vide Recipes: Sous vide Salted Caramel Sauce

Four ingredients are all you'll need to make this addictive sauce that works well over ice cream, pies and even cheesecake.

Check out the full sous vide salted caramel recipe from Amy Watson.

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    This food looks amazing! I am excited to use my new induction cooktop and give these recipes a try. I think I might try this Sous Vide Sirloin Roast, too:

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