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Italian chef Andrea Berton's Sous Vide Lamb Recipes

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Italian chef Andrea Berton's Sous Vide Lamb Recipes
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Italian chef Andrea Berton is a master at sous vide, especially when it comes to lamb. His modern cooking techniques transform humble dishes into an exquisite treat for the senses: here are some of his best sous vide lamb recipes.

For instance, his roasted sous vide lamb with lemony potato puree (pictured above) is tender and complex. After being cooked for two hours, the lamb is then browned in a pan with garlic, butter and thyme.

In his sous vide lamb ragú with brasied artichokes, Berton recommends searing the lamb before vacuum packing it. This way you develop caramelizaiton and heighten the flavor by cooking it sous vide.

Berton's third meaty masterpieces is leg of lamb stuffed with radicchio and Tropea onion, a sweet onion that hails from the southern Italian region of Calabria.

If you need help mastering sous vide lamb recipes, watch the videos below. Buon appetito!

WATCH: Stove Top Sous Vide Method

WATCH: Sous Vide Coooking - Salmon

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