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The Ultimate Sous Vide Guide to Temps and Timings

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The Ultimate Sous Vide Guide to Temps and Timings

Sous vide - the secret weapon of many kitchens and the growing must have gadget for the hardcore home cook.

The results of using sous vide are very different than traditional methods because of the constant and precise temperature in which ingredients can be cooked. Being able to decide a very specific temp, set it and know that the water will remain at that temperature leads to some wonderful results with people spending many hours to understand exactly what temp will get the optimum results for things like eggs, meat and vegetables.

As great as a piece of sous vide steak can taste, or as soft and creamy as that 62 degree egg really is, just buying a sous vide machine for your home kitchen will not guarantee good results. What will set you on the road to good results is this extensive chart from ChefSteps which looks at sous vide cooking times and temperatures and offers some really useful info.

There’s an explanation for all the main types of meat, descriptions for vegetables, fish and fruits and each section offers more details on timings. The best part is that each of the meat sections offer suggestion on whether you want the meat rare, medium or well done - meaning you don’t have to experiment with wasted cuts to get your preferred style.

Take a look.

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    Full credit to the team at Chef Steps, best to look at it here.

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